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Dr Georgi Alexandrov Stankov is a social innovator who holds dear to his heart the full and successful creation of a new way of living for the human collective in this lifetime.  His mission is one of passionate dedication during what has been described as the End Times or the Time of Revelations.  Indeed, this is a time where clarity of thought and integration of all true knowledge of humanity's origin and connection to the Creation of All-That-Is must now be recognized as being humanity's birthright. 

Stankov has lived a life as an independent scientist and thinker (see Autobiography). In 1995, he discovered the Universal Law of Nature by proving that all known physical laws are applications of this law and can be mathematically derived from the same. Between 1995 and 1999 he developed the General Theory of Science (Tetralogy of Science) and from 2000 – 2010 he developed the New Gnosis of the Universal Law.  These profound discussions in his many books elucidate the differing positions in all current religions and various philosophical teachings.  All books and major articles are available on his website Stankov's Universal Law Press

Dr Stankov brings forth new ideas and theories from a higher level of awareness for the sole purpose to assist humanity in learning new ways of expanding into a more socially supportive world.  This new supportive world will reflect two fundamental social innovations:  First, every human being experiences optimal health and secondly, every human being experiences personal prosperity. 

These two foundational elements of natural existence, health and prosperity, will arise first from the revelations and implementation of the principles of biological regulation as set out in The General Theory of Biological Regulation that will provide optimal health recovery for every citizen, without exception.  Secondly, the right to prosperity for every citizen is a hallmark feature of the principles of universal abundance as set out in the profound teachings of the new Astral Currency, respectively a world without money. These are only two examples of the intention behind this new social venture, a venture that will reflect in its success the greatest healing adventure for humanity, of ALL time.  Ultimately, the acceptance and widespread expansion of the Universal Law will enable the introduction of new technologies that will transform our world into an advanced civilisation of infinite prosperity, creation, bliss, and peace.

Embracing this new world requires a higher level of awareness, and this has been described as the process of Ascension.  A new world reflecting the prosperity and optimal health for all is founded in Dr Stankov's Theory of Science and Gnosis, which are the theoretical foundation for the Ascension of Humanity, that is, to achieve an integrated understanding of life through unifying the whole with love where all are honoured for who they are and for what they each have to offer.  These teachings are more accessible than ever before as humanity's desire for understanding life has grown exponentially over recent years, and certainly now, in a world of social restraint that doesn't seem to support the expansion of consciousness but also oppresses health of the human body, mind and soul.  The New Axiomatics of the UL is the foundation not only of the New Science and Gnosis but also the only possible logical, holistic thinking of the human mind that leads to an open conduit to All-That-Is, to discover the meaning of our current world and ultimately the meaning of life for us each. 

Through the study and understanding of Stankov's highly inspiring teachings, one will expand one's own personal level of awareness which shall then become the foundation of personal awakening required to move into the higher frequency realities where all are equal and where all are invited to express their true nature as souls.  This is the destiny which all souls currently incarnated on the earth have chosen for this incarnation – to experience their full awakening to their immortality as souls.

In 2011, Stankov officially opened his website Stankov's Universal Law Press, from where he began his mission of sharing these new revelations.  The objective of opening this site was to "connect the dots", in other words, to connect the brave souls whose mission it is to raise the frequencies of Earth and humanity by anchoring pure light from the Source of All-That-Is. This is the most daring task an incarnated human being can ever accomplish. The combined activity of all lightbearers is to ultimately guide humanity along their ascension paths as well as to support in the overall planetary ascension that has been ongoing since 1987 during the first harmonic convergence. 

Stankov's website is a full archive of all the books and writings by Stankov on the Universal Law as an open-source. It contains 18 books and more than 3,000 mostly original articles in different languages, including the regular energy reports of the Lightbearers of the First and Last Hour,  a seamless chronicle of the successful endeavour to ascend Gaia and humanity. It is probably the greatest cosmic saga of all time, the scope of which can only be perceived and appreciated in expanded awareness in the Fifth and higher dimensions.

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov works with the support of many lightbearers worldwide, who have created three major cities of light on the earth: the first in Italy - Central Europe; a second in Vancouver, Canada and a third in the Andes of South America. The manifestation of these cities of light is imminent, beginning with the Spiritual Study and Healing Centres in the Ligurian region of Italy. 

The current crowdfunding has the purpose of facilitating the establishment of adequate infrastructure that will intercept with the two centres of light and enable awakened souls from all over the world to visit these Centres for the enjoyment of being healed, then through the study of the new Theory of Science of the UL, learn new very effective higher dimensional methods of energetic healing that will substitute current ineffectual medicine and healthcare in order to become the new spiritual leaders of the ascending humanity. They will also develop new advanced technologies based on free photon energy, antigravity and superconductivity after they have studied and comprehended the new Axiomatics and Science of the UL. 

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