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A New World Community and the Astral Currency


A new world community will arise from a fresh approach to social sciences.  Numerous courses on advanced social life will include new forms of organisation of the ascending evolved human society, that reflects various philosophical, historical and gnostic aspects of human life.  Sharing these understandings with enlightened individuals will be enjoyed and implemented in these new communities that will quickly spread on the new earth.


The gnostic and theoretical principles of the new Astral Currency will be taught widely and practically implemented.  The Astral Currency program will represent new just systems of payments and transactions that will lead to the true liberation of all humans.  Ultimately, the current crowdfunding will lead to its own abolition when the new Centres of Light in Diano Marina and in San Remo, and the quickly spreading new autonomous communities of enlightened people will begin to issue their own Astral Currency.

As the two Healing and Study Centres will be non-profit organisations, this crowdfunding will be based only on donations and no direct revenues can be expected, but more so the quick arrival of prosperity, peace and progress for the entire humanity.

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