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The General Theory of Biological Regulation and Healing

The Interdimensional Healing Centre in Diano Marina/San Bartolomeo will offer new advanced higher dimensional healings and methods of treatment through special infrastructural interceptions.  These special interceptions will be still of material nature and must be provided very soon with the help of this crowdfunding program. 

The patients will be accommodated in rental houses and hotels which are available in Diano Marina, San Remo and other places in the vicinity along the Ligurian coast.  A portion of the crowdfunding will be used to sponsor such patients who cannot afford the journey and their sojourn near the Healing Centre during their treatment.

The Healing Centre will provide an extensive educational program for all enlightened human healers who have already some experience with alternative treatments and have reached a high level of spiritual evolution to be able to understand, at the mental and the emotional level, all the new principles of the new General Theory of Biological Regulation (the “General Theory”). 

The General Theory will be the foundation of all healings that will be performed in the new Healing Centre. It also includes an intimate understanding of the basic spiritual principles of any true higher dimensional healing as outlined in Stankov’s 5th German book on Gnosis “Gedanken“, partially translated into English by the author as “Thoughts – Part I“. Many of the healers who have dedicated themselves to this light work in the Healing Centre may be also patients who need further healing of their bodies, chakras and energetic fields that will make them better healers and will facilitate their future ascension.

The methods of healing will hugely vary and cannot be discussed at this place.

As the new General Theory is the foundation of all the healing procedures and is based on the physical and mathematical theory of the UL as outlined in Volume I and Volume II, basic physical knowledge will be imparted to the healers and also to the patients, so that they can better understand how the healing process works. Ultimately, only a truly enlightened patient can be healed and this ought to become common knowledge to everyone. Therefore, the new Healing Centre has also a vast educational role to play for the entire humanity.  This unique theory will also be studied by open-minded bioscientists and doctors at a later stage.

The basic principle of any true healing is that every human being is his own best healer and that the soul is the self-sufficient creator and perfect healer of the physical human body all the time. However, the human ego prevents this benevolent intervention of the soul most of the time through massive fear-based blockages in the body that have to be released first. Here is where most of the external healing of the patients will take place in our new Healing Centre through thorough spiritual and scientific education.

This new knowledge will be taught to all evolved human healers who will come from all over the world to learn these new techniques and then to use them in their own practices.  Even patients who, after being healed, may discover that they carry the soul essence of a healer and would also like to develop this profession in order to help other human beings.

For this reason, the Healing Centre will be closely associated with the Study Centre in San Remo where the entire theory of the Universal Law will be taught.  This theory is based on the holistic perception of all reality so that there can be no narrow specialisation as is found now in all sciences and other old-fashioned professions. Particular attention will be paid to the appropriate understanding and practical implementation of the new Axiomatics as it is the foundation of any advanced expanded multidimensional awareness to which eventually all incarnated human beings will evolve during their ascension process.

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