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The Universal Law and New Technology

We will offer a thorough theoretical program on physics, mathematics and other applied sciences that will lead to the invention and quick implementation of new advanced technologies, the like of which no human being has ever seen. They will bring abundance, prosperity, peace and joy to all people within a very short period of time. The introduction of these new technologies will be supervised and coordinated by those who have an understanding of the Universal Law and also who have direct contact with their own higher knowing.  These new professionals will work closely with us as the new spiritual teachers and healers of humanity. They will channel the technical information for such new inventions and technologies and will teach the students how to correctly receive such high-quality advanced information by strictly applying the axiomatic principles of the UL and expanding their abstract human thinking.

The "Department of New Science and New Technologies of the Universal Law" will present the new physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law for new scientists and inventors who will be instrumental in the development and introduction of new advanced technologies based on free photon energy, antigravity and superconductivity.  Please watch the four videos on free photon energy and anti-gravity and read the script: Free Photon Energy – All Videos, Expanded Script.

These inventions can only come after humanity has fully implemented the new Theory of Science of the Universal Law that precludes any misuse of advanced technologies which will inevitably harm the whole civilisation.  Therefore, special attention will be paid to the proper theoretical education of the students that will also foster their Light Body Process (LBP) and individual ascension.

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