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The Universal Law of Nature

Our Goals

We live in a world where our global society has failed to provide all people with the basic needs including safe shelter, quality food and water, effective medicine, the opportunity to prosper and live a "healed life" in joy, fully expressing ourselves as our souls would wish. 

Our goals are therefore to ultimately address these issues for humanity at this time.  The focus on economic, political and military issues have not served the higher good of the people and must be re-directed.  It is time for a new world, a world that emphasizes expanding on issues of higher value including self-realization, self-acceptance, having access to education that represents the truth of who we are, and where we have come from. As we learn about our origin, we will finally learn to accept that we are all the same, coming from the same Source of Creation, and therefore any act of aggression against another is fundamentally an act of aggression upon ourselves.  There is, without equivocation, no place for War.  Finally, it is necessary to present to the world the mistakes in Science.  It is our goal to reveal for the first time the dogmas in physics that have prevented the use of free photon energy that will liberate humanity from the shackles of currently limited fossil energy and put an end to all wars and conflicts on this planet.  On the Video page, watch the 4 videos on free photon energy.

Furthermore, it is our goal to reveal the truth about medicine and bio-sciences. Medicine and bio-sciences are founded on ominous statements that are not only false, but they contain numerous deliberate false scientific statements and recommendations as dogmas that lead to very harmful treatments and other procedures in medicine, healthcare and even in the food industry.

The General Theory of Biological Regulation explains for the first time in human history of science how human (organic) cells and biological bodies are truly regulated from an energetic point of view and which drugs and agents harm this regulation.  Until now, medicine and bio-sciences have not been able to develop a coherent theory for understanding the regulation of cells and the body and have only produced scattered facts that allow the misuse of medicine and bio-sciences as a platform to enhance collective human fears, harm and suppress humanity.  

Ultimately, we will begin as soon as possible with the teaching of the New Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law in the Healing and Spiritual Study Centres in Diano Marina and San Remo, Liguria, Italy in the course of this year. The foundation of these Centres will be financed by this crowdfunding and used to enable the arrival, sojourn, and studies of our enlightened students and the healing of our patients. 

The new Healing and Study Centres will become the new prototype of human education that will be replicated in all schools, universities and other educational institutions and scientific research centres around the globe.  This inevitable revolution of human science and society is an indispensable prerequisite for the evolution of mankind and its transformation to an enlightened civilisation.  Hence, the goal of this crowdfunding is of the utmost altruistic and philanthropic nature in the truest sense of the word. 

In particular, we will be providing new higher dimensional healing procedures that will truly heal the people, enhance the quality of their lives and prepare them for their ascension.  We will also educate numerous healers who will then found their own centres of healing and thus help humanity recover from eons of time of dreadful karmic experiences and deep-seated traumata and fears.

We will establish and teach a full and comprehensive educational program of the new Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law, beginning with thorough teaching and implementation of the new Axiomatics of the UL, which is a novel holistic way of logical thinking that until now does not exist on the earth. It is the springboard to expanded awareness, which every human being is potentially capable of. The new Axiomatics has to be learned and implemented carefully in a long-term study and practical use by simultaneously assimilating the new spiritual principles of the UL as presented in many books and articles on the New Gnosis written by Stankov since 1999.

This will be the gnostic and spiritual foundation for the successful ascension of our students. Essentially, the new Science and Gnosis of the UL are the Science of Ascension. Any student who will end his life as an ascended master will significantly contribute to the evolution and advancement of the whole humanity with his knowledge, his unlimited ability of immediate creation and as a personal role model to follow.

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