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Study Opportunities

The Study Centre in San Remo will essentially teach the new Theory of Science and Gnosis of the UL as presented on Stankov's Universal Law Press.  It includes and unifies all known natural and social sciences.  It is a pantheory of human knowledge and has no limitations. This theory is elaborated in detail in 18 books and more than 3,000 mostly original articles and energy reports, some of which are also available in different languages (Vademecum to the Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law).

The Study Centre is planned to consist of four departments but future structural adjustments may be possible or necessary:

1. There will be a special department for studies of the General Theory of Biological Regulation, which will be closely associated with the Healing Centre (see the previous section). This department will be called the “Department of Biophysics and Higher Dimensional Healing“.  It is important to stress that there is no such science as physics of physical inorganic matter because we as souls create Nature and this reality. Therefore, all physics is Biophysics, just as medicine and all bio-sciences can only assess the Universal Law in its multifaceted manifestations in organic matter and are thus also Biophysics.

2. The "Department of New Science and New Technologies of the Universal Law" will present the new physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law as outlined in Volume I and Volume II for new scientists and inventors who will be instrumental in the development and introduction of new advanced technologies based on free photon energy, antigravity and superconductivity.  Please watch the four videos on free photon energy and antigravity and read the script:  Free Photon Energy – All Videos, Expanded Script.

These inventions can only come after humanity has fully implemented the new theory of the Universal Law which precludes any misuse of advanced technologies that will inevitably harm the whole civilisation.  Therefore, special attention will be paid to the proper theoretical education of the students that will also foster their Light Body Process (LBP) and individual ascension (see below).

3. The “Department of Social Sciences and Enlightenment” will teach social and spiritual sciences, in particular, new forms of organisation of the ascending evolved human society that will quickly eliminate the old socio-economic and environmental problems on this planet.  Many societal issues have not supported humanity over long periods of time and these will fall apart in order that healing may occur, for the highest good of all. 

One such need to be addressed is the implementation of the new Astral Currency based on local emitting banks in free autonomous communities of enlightened individuals. This novel system of payments and transaction will substitute the old failed monetary system; it is based on a true understanding of the nature of energy = All-That-Is = the Primary Term of Human Consciousness and reflects various philosophical, historical and gnostic aspects of human life.  See section on Astral Currency.

4. The "Department of LBP and Ascension“ will be dedicated to the light body process (LBP) and Ascension. The new Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law are essentially the Science of Ascension and it will fully unfold its validity very soon when humans will begin to remember their ability of immediate creation. The UL is the manual to this new evolved way of life and that is why all old erroneous science must be entirely abandoned.

All departments will work closely together as they complement each other. For instance, if a student makes huge advances in the LBP and Ascension, then he will have an open contact to his soul and may also be a successful inventor of new technologies that will be given to him through channelling if he also has a technical background and interests in this area and is capable of implementing this information into practical solutions.

Some inventions may be new healing techniques and will be of benefit to the Healing Centre. Essentially, all of these healing and teaching activities will unfold in the unity field of consciousness, where there is no separation and will thus follow the holistic approach of the new Theory of the UL.

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